TEACHERS:  Teachers of the Italian School in Mailand, Italian mothertongue degreted in Italian Language and Literature at the University.

Date of beginning: Weekly courses:  they will start from 3rd October to 27 November 2007:

03.10.2007 10.10.2007 17.10.2007 24.10.2007
31.10.2007 07.11.2007 14.10.2007 21.11.2007

350,00 per person. 

The price includes: You must book 4 week before. Communicate date and hour of arrival.

Subscription and Formality of Payment.
You should send by post, fax or internet your booking with the recipe of payment of 100,00 (as sum of money as deposit).
the rest of the sum will be paid at the beginning of the course.
You can make the payment by:

Postal and banking charges for sending out the credit transfer and for credit the amount are charged to pupils.

In case of renounce it must be communicate early to the school.
If the renounce will be at least
20 days before the beginning of the course, it will be deduct 20% of deposit.
In case of renounce after this time or at the beginning of the course it will not carry out any repayment.

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