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Golden Orange Gargano's
It's the only Mediterranean golden orange which rips between March and June, preserving itself sweet and juicy on tree until September, and which blossoms again almost with the frequency of the lemon. This variety, especially a kind shaped like a pear, has so big capacity of resistance to diseases and to carriage, that on the second part of nineteenth - century, when didn't exist the refrigeration freeze yet, it was exported in United States: it could face carriages by sea as far as over 40 days. A capacity of endurance to the withering warranted at first by his coriaceous skin.
Euro 1,5/Kg.
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Crunchy Organic Orange: arance bionde

it's a very ancient variety derived from the Gold Orange. Its name is linked to its pulp especially hard and crunchy. It rips on Christmas (from Dicember to January), it's practically without seems, and it has many characteristics like the Washington oranges, but with one only difference: its lower size. A precious fruit, one time not all could allow, even because of its production his always limited.
Euro 1,5/Kg.

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Gargano "Femminello" Lemon IGP

Maybe its name is linked to the fertility of this tree: it rips many time on the year, its production is abundant and the plant is fertile as a female. It's the most ancient Italian's lemon; it is known kinds of this variety: the one with delicate skin (named "a scorza gentile" for its thin skin and with a juicy pulp), the other one without seems and a last, oblong - shaped, the most precious.
Euro 1,5/Kg.
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Make the "limoncino"

Extra - Virgin ICEA Certificated Organic Olive Oil

We produce 3 kind of oil with different taste; our oil is organic only, made from centuries trees of Ogliarola Garganica, "Frantoio","Moraiolo","Leccino", "Prendolino", "Coratina", ancient olives variety. The Ogliarola Garganica is an ancient Gargano's native variety. The others are planted in the Gargano from many time, but are origined from other place of Puglia, like Bari and Lecce.

The three kinds of oil take their name from the locality where grows the trees that produces the different type of olives. olive

Tan of 5 l: euro 45,00.

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